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Built on our belief in the talents and traditions of salt of the Earth Mainers, we have set out to make a quality product that supports our local economy while providing a functional and fashionable piece for folks near and far. A passion project between friends and family, we build each hat by hand using materials exclusively from Maine. 

Our hats are made from an 80% Alpaca and 20% Coopworth wool blend born and raised in Aroostook County. The fiber is washed, spun, and finished by Aroostook Fiber Works in Ashland, ME. We source pelts from Greenville, ME and handcraft our pompoms from them. We recycle leather from Maine Leather Co. in Portland, ME to cut and brand our labels by hand. Our logo was designed by our dear friend Laura Douglas who has many roots in Maine.

To see learn about our suppliers and partners check out their websites below:

Aroostook Fiber Works | Laura Douglas | Maine Leather Company